The smooth and complex taste of Richard’s distilled premium gin „ORIGINAL“ with juniper, citrus and lauchel notes is the result of capturing seven exotic individually distilled botanicals on an extra fine wheat alcohol distillate. Furthermore the gin is diluted with the finest spring water from the volcanic Eifel. This process infuses their subtle aromatic flavors for a cleaner, crisper and more balanced taste. Richard’s Gin is distilled in a naturally surrounded distillery in Germany (Mosel) where it’s traditionally produced by hand and bottled in small batches.



The "BLACK" is produced in the same  process like the "ORIGINAL" but with a higher alcohol content and eleven individually distilled premium botanicals which remains on the 11 memory tears on the Colognes coat of arms. Among others its include grapes from the Champagne and the main botanical cucumber from Germany. The taste is really fresh balanced with notes of cucumber of course, grapefruit and citrus. This product is also produced at the Mosel.





This edition includes the "ORIGINAL" gin but with an completely new shining bottle design. By pressing a button on the bottle bottom the label starts to light up.